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Pendant by Stilux Italy from the 1950s. This pendant, which can be adjusted in height with a counterweight, shows a striking combination of brass, black enameled metal and green/yellow plastics. Inside a white metal shade and outside an extra plastics (perspex) shade.


Dimensions: height of the light 10.6 in. (27 cm), diameter 11.8 inches (30 cm). The light has been rewired to European standards.


Alongside with companies like Arteluce, Arredoluce and Stilnovo, Stilux was one of the manufacturers which changed the face of Italian lighting design in the 1950s. Though not as commonly known as it’s counterparts, Stilux did have a highly progressive design approach. As the company was the first to apply plastics (perspex) in practically all it’s lighting fixtures.

Adjustable Counterweight Pendant by Stilux

€ 940,00Price
  • Beautiful, and the light has been rewired to European standards.

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