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An enamel platter with biomorphic decoration, attributed to Jan Roëde.

Marked. Period: 1960-1969.


Dimensions: length: 9.3 in. (49 cm), width: 7.0 in. (18 cm). height 1.4 inches (3,5 cm).


Jan Roëde (1914-2007) was a well-known Dutch Mid-Century artist. During the 1950s and 1960s he developed a personal style which was influenced by the Cobra movement as well as the biomorphism of Joan Miró. Though Roëde was primarily active as a painter, occasionally he also designed decorative objects, mainly in enamel.


This particular dish is signed with the letters A.N.M.B. on the underside, which suggest that it was commissioned by the federation of Dutch metalworkers, possibly as a business gift. Though official documentation linking this beautiful piece to Roëde hasn’t been discovered yet, it’s ‘signed all-over’. This attribution is confirmed by the Jan Roëde Foundation as well.

Enamel Platter with Biomorphic Decoration Attributed to Jan Roede

€ 270,00Price
  • Very good.

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