The French interior designer Elisabeth Garouste (1946) and the swiss born photographer Mattia Bonetti (1952) teamed up in 1981. Their collaboration, which lasted for more than two decades, turned out to be very successful. Within the context of 1980s Postmodernism they managed to develop a highly personal yet typical French style, which could perhaps best be characterized as New Romantic. Their designs are refined and always exclusive: either one offs or limited batch productions. As opposed to their contemporaries, Garouste and Bonetti hardly ever referred to modernism in their work, but clearly relied on the idiom of outstanding decorators like Jean Royere and Diego Giacometti. While from a 21st century perspective, one could argue that Garouste and Bonetti paved the way for several contemporary designers. In 1999 Garouste and Bonetti were requested by the German high end label Anthologie Quartett to join forces with Alessandro Mendini. Together with this godfather of Italian Postmodern design they conceived the Loreley range of custom made cabinets.


Five drawers and two shelves behind the doors. Plywood covered with mirror glass (also at the backside) and decorated with screen printed leaves and branch-like handles in cast metal, this design reflects on the tension between artisanal and Industrial Production. Standing on eight metal legs.


This one originally comes from an exhibition in Cologne in 1998 or 1999. I am almost certain that no second is made, it's unique. But there is a small version that was offered by a gallery in Moscow a few years ago.


This is the detailed information about Anthologie Quartett, the information that they themselves published in the 90s about their activities (text without capital letter!):


anthologie quartett came into existance in september 1983 as a collection of architecture, design, art and fashion gallery ‘quartett’ in hannover.

it presented its first collection at the cologne furniture fair in january 1984 and the milan furniture fair in september 1984, with designs from bellefast, borek sipek, ettore sottsass, matteo thun and daniel weil.

in 1987 anthologie quartett was detached from quartett and launched as an independent company with registered offices in schloss hünnefeld/bad essen in lower saxony.

in 1988, design...connections was established to serve as the core office for design research.

in 1989, best friends - modern jewelry collection premièred at the milan furniture fair.

in 1990 the design museum mus’ign was launched in the westphalian schloss hollwinkel.

in the 1980s anthologie quartett published most notably a large number of accessoires and objects from more than 50 designers from all over europe; in the 1990s more emphasis was placed on furniture and lamps; for this reason anthologie quartett has been operating since 1997 under the subline objects, furniture & lighting.

in 1998 the cabinet collection ensemble was presented at the cologne fair, with details from garouste & bonetti, bohuslav horak, alessandro mendini, george nelson and others, and at the ambiente in frankfurt the gartenreich - garden furniture collection was presented for the first time.

since 1999 anthologie quartett and best friends have been operating together with the new subline furniture lighting objects jewelry.

an architectural programme with international architects is in preparation for the year 2000: anthologie quartett architecture.

Mirrored Sideboard Loreley by Mendini, Garouste and Bonetti

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