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A set  enameled steel ‘Krenit’ Bowls by Herbert Krenchel for Torben Orskov.


Diameter: small 4.7 in. (12 cm) and large 7.9 in. (20 cm), height: small 2.0 in. (5,0 cm) and large 3.2 inches (8,2 cm). Price is for the pair.


As a graduate from Denmark’s Technical University, Herbert Krenchel (1922) specialised in material research. Beside his work as a civil engineer, Krenchel - like many Danes - had a keen interest in design. Together with his close friend Torben Orskov, a well known producer of design goods, Krenchel decided to develop a series of enameled steel bowls which would look good enough for use both in the kitchen and dining room. With his technical knowledge and skills Krenchel managed to develop new manufacturing techniques to give the bowls elegant thin edges and a smooth matted black outside surface.The Krenit bowls were introduced in 1953 and won a gold medal on the Milano Triennale of 1954. Please ask me for the shipping conditions.


Literature: - Design Since 1945 (Philadelphia Museum of Art, 1984), p. 158, 218.

Pair of enameled Steel ‘Krenit’ Bowls by Krenchel for Torben Orskov

€ 250,00Price
  • Beautiful condition.

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