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Pair of elegant French torches attributed to Maison Lunel or Arlus. Acrylic shades with beautiful brass details. Period 1955-65. You can direct them, they are adjustable to all sides with a ball joint.


Each light has a bayonet bulb (BA15d, IEC 7004-11 A, DIN 49720). You can order these bulbs anywhere online at, for example, Amazon. But they are often also available from your electricity dealer. Easy to mount on the wall with a sliding mechanism. Good condition. Works in the US.


Dimensions: Height 32,5 cm (12.8 in.), depth 13 cm (5.1 in.) and diameter shades 8 cm (2.0 inches).


Together with companies like Disderot, Lunel and Rispal, the Paris based firm Maison Arlus had a strong influence on the modernization of French lighting design during the 1950s. The Arlus models were obviously rooted in French Art Deco on the one hand, but show clear similarities with designs of Italian counterparts like Stilnovo and Arredoluce as well.

Pair of French Torches attributed to Maison Lunel

  • Good condition. Works in the US.

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