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Large Italian art glass pendant by Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi, 1960.
Dimensions: height of the glass: 19.7 in. (50 cm), diameter glass: 6.3 inches (16 cm). Height canopy:  3.1 inches (8 cm), diameter canopy: 1.6 inches (4 cm). From ceiling till drop:  61.0 inches (155 cm).
The brass canopy of the fixture is original and included in the sale. The wiring has been replaced at some stage.
The fixture is equipped with the original, regular (E26-E27) Edison screw lamp socket. Max. 70 Watt. The electric parts are in a used but good condition. Works in the US.


The pendant on offer was designed by one of Vistosi’s most prolific designers: Alessandro Pianon (1931-1984)
Pianon was trained as an architect and designer at the Architecture Institute in his hometown Venice.  Just like many other Venetian artists Pianon ventured into glass design, as he joined Murano based Vetreria Vistosi in 1956. Starting out by drawing the Vistosi logo, Pianon went on to design several sought after lighting fixtures and the famous Pulcini birds for the company. After Pianon opened his own design studio in 1962, he got assigned by a number of other Italian lighting companies as well, like Lumenform (Venice), Caprotti (Monza) and Candle (Milan).


This large and rare pendant lamp, which goes by the factory code L59, has been manufactured by using different (Murano) techniques. The basis was created using the so-called incamiciato (cased glass) technique, in which (white) colored and colorless glass is blown over each other in different layers. The spectacular, abstract brush stroke effect was obtained with the help of another, exceptional technique: rods (canne) of colored glass were heated, rolled flat and then fused together in pieces of about 15 cm in length. This colored 'glass mat' is then fused with the, still hot, outer glass layer of the lamp.


- Literature: Vistosi Catalogue (n.d.): see last photos.


As electrical requirements vary from country to country, we recommend that you always have lights checked and installed by a local professional.

Murano Pendant L59 by Alessandro Pianon for Vistosi

€ 1.975,00Price
  • Beautiful condition, no chips, no cracks. 

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