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Set of Danish ceramics for Royal Copenhagen by Nils Thorsson and Marianne Johnson.


A pair of small ceramic vases, designed by Nils Thorsson, part of the 'Baca' Series, produced for Royal Copenhagen-Aluminia, Denmark. Period 1963-70. The Baca technique was based on a silkscreen printing and different metallic salts to the colors. Marked.

Small vase model 720/3361, dimensions: height 4.3 in. (11 cm), depth 2.9 in. (7,5 cm), width 2.9 in. (7,5 cm).

Second vase model 719/3455, dimensions: height 7.3 in. (18,5 cm), depth 2.4 in. (6 cm), width 2.4 in. (6 cm).


Fajance glazed ceramic plate by Marianne Johnson from ‘Tenera’ series, produced for Royal Copenhagen-Aluminia. Circa 1970. Marked. Model 143/2884, dimensions: height 1.6 in. (4 cm), depth 8.9 in. (22,5 cm), width 8.9 in. (22,5 cm). No chips, cracks or restoration.


Nils Johan Thorvald Thorsson (1898-1975) was the Artistic Director of Royal Copenhagen-Alumina between 1928-1969. He was leading a team of talented designers which included Bethe Breyen, Kari Christensen, Johanne Gerber, Grete Helland-Hansen, Berte Jessen, Marianne Johnson, Inge Lise-Koefoed, Ellen Malmer, and Ivan Weiss, among others. During his time at Royal Copenhagen, Thorsson was the factory's most famous ceramic designer, his work is presented as iconic of mid-century Danish modernism.


Marianne Johnson was a Danish ceramist artist, she was part of the 'Tenera group’. A group of female Scandinavian designers in the sixties working for the Danish manufacturer Royal Copenhagen. Johnson is very recognizable in her floral and abstract motifs, representative of the ‘Tenera' and ‘Baca' series.


Aluminia was a Danish factory of earthenware pottery, established in Copenhagen in 1863. At the beginning of the last century Aluminia took over the Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory. The factories were operated independently under their own trade names until 1969. After that period the name Alumina disappeared and the products have been sold under the mark 'Royal Copenhagen Denmark Fajance'.

Set of Danish Ceramics for Royal Copenhagen Sixties

  • Good. No chips, cracks or restoration. Minor misprint behind the eye of the bird on the plate.

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